Why Were Animals Bigger in the Past?


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    There are several reasons why animals were generally bigger in the past. One major factor is the availability of resources. In ancient times, the Earth had a much higher concentration of oxygen in the atmosphere. This allowed animals to grow larger because oxygen is necessary for energy production and metabolism. With more oxygen available, animals were able to sustain larger bodies and engage in more physically demanding activities.

    Another reason for the larger size of prehistoric animals is the absence of human interference. Humans have played a significant role in altering ecosystems and causing changes in animal populations. In the past, without human hunting or habitat destruction, animals had fewer predators and greater access to food sources. This lack of competition allowed them to grow larger over time.

    Overall, it’s important to note that while some animal species were indeed much larger in the past, there were also smaller species that coexisted alongside them. The size of an animal is influenced by a combination of factors such as environmental conditions, available resources, and evolutionary adaptations specific to each species.

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