What Kind of Netting Can Protect Plants from Cats?


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    There are several types of netting that can effectively protect plants from cats. One option is bird netting, which is made of a lightweight mesh material that can be easily draped over plants. This netting is designed to keep birds away, but it also works well to deter cats. Another option is deer netting, which is a heavier-duty netting typically used to protect gardens from larger animals like deer. This netting can also be effective in keeping cats away from plants.

    In addition to these options, there are also specialized cat deterrent nettings available on the market. These nets are specifically designed to deter cats and other small animals from accessing plants. They often have smaller mesh sizes and are made of durable materials that are difficult for cats to claw or chew through. These cat deterrent nets may be more expensive than standard bird or deer netting, but they can provide added protection if you have persistent cat problems in your garden.

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