What to Do if Your Dog Gets Electrocuted by an Outlet?


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    If your dog gets electrocuted by an outlet, it is crucial to act quickly and safely. The first step is to ensure the safety of both yourself and your pet. Do not touch your dog with bare hands while they are still in contact with the electrical source, as you may also get shocked. Instead, use a non-conductive object such as a wooden broom handle or a thick towel to carefully move your dog away from the outlet.

    Once your dog is away from the outlet, check their vital signs. If they are unconscious or not breathing, perform CPR if you know how to do so. If there are visible burns or injuries, cover them with a clean cloth or bandage to prevent infection. It is essential to seek immediate veterinary attention regardless of the severity of the incident, as internal injuries may not be immediately apparent. Remember, prevention is key – make sure outlets are covered and cords are out of reach to minimize the risk of electrocution for your furry friend.

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