What Should You Do If Your Cat Licks a Toad and Starts Foaming at the Mouth?


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    If your cat licks a toad and starts foaming at the mouth, it is crucial to act quickly as this could be a sign of poisoning. First, remove any remaining traces of the toad from your cat’s mouth using a wet cloth or cotton pad. Be careful not to get bitten or scratched in the process. Next, rinse your cat’s mouth with water for about 10 minutes, ensuring that they do not swallow any more of the toxic substance.

    After rinsing their mouth, contact your veterinarian immediately and provide them with all the relevant information about what happened. They will be able to guide you on further steps to take based on the specific species of toad your cat encountered and its toxicity level. It is important not to induce vomiting or administer any home remedies without professional advice, as some substances can be even more harmful when regurgitated. Remember, prompt veterinary attention is crucial in cases like these to ensure the best possible outcome for your furry friend.

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