Are you gearing up for an exciting Mardi Gras party? Planning your outfit is essential to immerse yourself in the festive spirit and stand out from the crowd. In this article, we will explore various fashion options and provide you with tips on what to wear to a Mardi Gras party. From bold and vibrant colors to extravagant accessories, we’ve got you covered!

Dress to Impress: Mardi Gras Attire for Men

When it comes to Mardi Gras fashion, it’s all about embracing the festive and flamboyant atmosphere. Here are some key elements to consider for your party outfit:

1. Vibrant Colors and Prints

  • Go bold with bright colors: Mardi Gras is a celebration of vibrancy and liveliness. Opt for eye-catching colors such as purple, green, and gold. Incorporate these hues into your attire through shirts, jackets, or accessories.
  • Play with prints: Experiment with patterns like stripes, polka dots, or even floral prints. These add a playful touch to your outfit and capture the spirit of the event.

2. Traditional Mardi Gras Masks

  • Don a stylish mask: Masks are an integral part of Mardi Gras tradition. Choose a mask that complements your outfit and adds an element of mystery. Whether it’s a feathered Venetian mask or an intricately designed masquerade mask, let it showcase your personality.

3. Festive Accessories

  • Beads, beads, and more beads: Mardi Gras is synonymous with colorful bead necklaces. Layer them in different lengths and colors to create a festive and fun look. Don’t hesitate to trade or share beads with fellow party-goers to embrace the lively atmosphere.
  • Hats and headwear: A stylish hat or headpiece can elevate your Mardi Gras outfit. Consider a flamboyant fedora, a jester hat, or a crown adorned with feathers and sequins.

4. Stylish Yet Comfortable Footwear

  • Choose comfortable shoes: With all the dancing and festivities, you’ll want to wear shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. Opt for sneakers, loafers, or boots that match your outfit while providing ample support.

5. Formal or Casual?

  • Dress according to the event: Mardi Gras parties can range from formal balls to casual street celebrations. Determine the dress code of the event you’re attending and dress accordingly. A well-tailored suit or a smart-casual ensemble with colorful accents can work wonders.


1. Can I wear a costume to a Mardi Gras party?

Absolutely! Costumes are a fantastic way to express your creativity and fully immerse yourself in the Mardi Gras spirit. Consider dressing up as a jester, a king, or even a colorful character from the parade.

2. Are shorts and t-shirts appropriate for a Mardi Gras party?

If you’re attending a casual outdoor celebration, shorts and t-shirts can be a comfortable and suitable choice. Opt for vibrant colors and fun prints to maintain the festive vibe.

3. What kind of pants should I wear?

Choose pants that match the overall theme of your outfit. Consider colorful trousers, patterned pants, or even metallic leggings for a bold statement. Ensure they fit well and allow you to move and dance comfortably.

4. Should I wear a bow tie or a regular tie?

The choice between a bow tie and a regular tie depends on your personal style and the formality of the event. Bow ties exude a touch of whimsy and are well-suited for more festive occasions, while regular ties offer a classic and sophisticated look.

5. Can I wear jeans to a Mardi Gras party?

Jeans can work for a more casual Mardi Gras gathering. Pair them with a stylish shirt, a colorful blazer, and festive accessories to create a fashionable yet relaxed ensemble.

6. Can I incorporate traditional New Orleans elements into my outfit?

Absolutely! Pay homage to the birthplace of Mardi Gras by incorporating New Orleans-inspired elements. Consider jazz-themed accessories, fleur-de-lis motifs, or even a hat adorned with Mardi Gras floats.

7. Are there any dress code restrictions for Mardi Gras parties?

While Mardi Gras parties often embrace freedom of expression, it’s advisable to respect any dress code guidelines provided by the event organizers. Some formal balls or exclusive parties may have specific requirements.

8. Should I wear makeup or face paint?

Makeup and face paint can add a festive touch to your Mardi Gras ensemble. Consider incorporating glitter, vibrant eyeshadows, or even face jewels for a touch of sparkle.

9. Can I wear a cape or a cloak?

Capes and cloaks can be a dramatic addition to your Mardi Gras outfit. Opt for rich colors and ornate designs to create a memorable and regal look.

10. Can I wear a suit with a Mardi Gras theme?

Yes! Embrace the Mardi Gras theme by incorporating elements into your suit. Choose a suit in purple, green, or gold, and pair it with complementary accessories and a festive pocket square.


When it comes to what to wear to a Mardi Gras party, the key is to embrace the festive atmosphere and have fun with your outfit. Vibrant colors, playful prints, masks, and festive accessories are the perfect ingredients for a memorable and stylish Mardi Gras look. Let your creativity shine and immerse yourself in the spirit of this lively celebration!

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