Where Do Animals Go During a Hurricane?


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    During a hurricane, animals have different ways of seeking shelter and surviving the storm. Some animals, such as birds, are able to sense changes in atmospheric pressure and will fly away from the area before the hurricane hits. They can detect these changes using their keen senses and navigate to safer areas. Other animals, like mammals, may seek refuge in underground burrows or dens to avoid the strong winds and heavy rain.

    Marine animals have their own strategies for surviving hurricanes. Many species will swim deeper into the ocean where they can find calmer waters and avoid the turbulent surface conditions. Some marine creatures, like dolphins and whales, may also migrate to different areas that are not directly in the path of the hurricane.

    Overall, animals have evolved various ways to cope with natural disasters like hurricanes. Their instincts guide them to seek safety in different environments depending on their species and habitat. While some may flee to other locations, others may hunker down or adapt their behavior until the storm passes.

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